Why Syntax Is One of the Few Podcasts I Still Listen To

Pre-pandemic, I spent a fair amount of time commuting as most people did for work. I averaged around 10 hours a week driving, which gave me plenty of time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Fast forward to the present, and with working from home well… I don’t drive nearly as much. Most podcasts I get around to at some point, but the one I consistently listen to is Syntax, and here’s why.


They’re two devs chatting it up about a wide variety of topics in web development, and their passion is inspiring.

Syntax feels like you’re sitting in a room listening to two good friends talk about things they’re interested in. A podcast should feel that way, but most don’t. Sure, there’s a business component to podcasts, and while Syntax does have ads, the overall feel of the show is genuine.

Some of my favorite parts of the show are when Wes talks about the random mechanical projects he’s working on. Kids toys, snow blowers, BBQ, what have you. Or when he talks about being a sticker mogul.

I always find it interesting to hear how other devs solve problems and their approaches. I find it opens your mind to new ways of thinking, and is inspiring to start your own project.

I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from this podcast, and some excellent recommendations for shows to watch, hot sauces to try, and even items for my kids. If it isn’t obvious already, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

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