React-router, Link, and Storybook

Picture of an error in Storybook

Invariant failed: You should not use <Link> outside a <Router>

This was a fun one to find recently. I was testing my component in the main application after making sure it looked correct in Storybook. After adding the <Link> in my component, I found that Storybook failed hard.

While the app itself is wrapped in a Router, Storybook isn’t.

The quick fix for this is to use the storybook-react-router - npm package. This decorator enables Storybook to be able to display routing-aware components.

With the changes to Storybook in v5, we can now add the following to our preview.js file to enable the decorator in all our stories:

import { addDecorator } from "@storybook/react"
import StoryRouter from "storybook-react-router"

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