Using NDI as a source in OBS

Picture of a person typing on a keyboard Photo by Soumil Kumar on Pexels

OBS has an NDI plugin available that will let you set up 2 PC (OS agnostic) streaming. Allowing you to use one machine to game/code on and another to stream with. Which is awesome. Kind of easy to set up actually too.

To set up:

  1. Install OBS on both machines
  2. Install the NDI plugin on both machines
  3. On the Working machine:
    1. Set up your scenes and all that like you normally would
    2. In the Tools menu, select NDI output
    3. Once NDI output is enabled, you’re streaming over NDI
  4. On the Stream machine:
    1. Set up a scene and select NDI Source as the source
    2. Start streaming


  • Doing this over WiFi isn’t recommended
  • On Windows the network needs to be set to Private
  • Going from Mac to Windows, and vice versa is pretty easy to set up


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