How to turn on multiple docks/menu-bars in MacOS

TLDR: > System Preferences > Mission Control > Displays have separate Spaces must be checked

Recently I found myself trying to keep my resource usage down on an old Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. Trying to run all the things I’m used to on a more performant machine limited me in what I was doing. Fun fact, on this machine, running Outlook and Skype at the same time causes it to completely freeze and be unresponsive during a video call.

In order to set things up for multiple displays and workspaces you need to go into System Preferences and select Mission Control.

Make sure that Displays have separate Spaces is selected. If not, select it after which you’ll need to Log Out in order for this setting to take effect.

Now you’ll be able to have more than one Main Space across displays. No longer will your extra desktops be across all displays either.

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