Let People Have Their Thing

Picture of a jackass Photo by Jordan Butler on Unsplash

TLDR: Don’t be a jackass

Why can’t we just enjoy things?

Something that annoys me to no end is when someone just won’t stop bashing on things. Whether that’s a programming language, a new show, or music. Everyone is not going to like every thing, and that’s how it should be. Imagine how boring this world would be if everyone had the same opinions, or likes, or ideas.

The big one right now is the new Star Wars movie, it literally just came out today, and already people are bashing it before seeing it. I get it, the last 2 movies haven’t been all that great. They’re still for the most part Star Wars, just not really intended for all of us. Star Wars was always aimed at a younger generation, at least from Empire on. Ewoks anyone? They were totally added as a marketing angle towards kids. Merchandise is what sells, and the new movies are no exception to that.

I mean seriously, look at these adorable fuckers. Picture of a porg, and ewok, from Star Wars

Really? You’re going to use that…?

As a developer the main thing I see on Twitter is general bashing of languages, OS’s, frameworks, etc. I’m no exception to this, I’ve done my share of bashing on things, especially anything related to Microsoft (or Skype, and Teams, and…). However, I kind of really like Azure, and DevOps Pipelines are nice as well, though I’ve moved over to GitHub Actions and don’t really plan to leave now. GitHub is still Microsoft though, ultimately, even if they are “separate” companies.

Really we should just let people use what tools work for them. If you’re comfortable working in JavaScript go for it, want to use Rails? Awesome! You should. It ultimately should come down to what you want to use. Basically, fuck what anyone else thinks, just do things for you.

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