3 Visual Studio Code Extensions I Use Daily

Advanced New File

The default experience of creating an untitled file in the root of the workspace when you want to make a new file from the keyboard shortcut in VS Code isn’t ideal.

advanced-new-file dramatically expands the capabilities of VS Code by giving you a command prompt on new file creation that allows you to specify where the file will be located. It also gives you the ability to create new folders, nest the new file in said new folder, or even generate the file in another directory entirely.

Easy Snippet

I’ve used a variety of text expansion snippets for years with things like addresses, phone numbers, names, and email.

When I worked in customer support, snippets were a lifesaver for responding to chat and email requests. We can do the same with code using Easy Snippet. This extension helps with managing and creating snippets.

My favorite part is being able to highlight a section of code or even an entire file and generate a snippet from that selection. Allowing you to skip the boilerplate and get right into the fun parts of coding.

Thunder Client

Sometimes you need to test an API endpoint or develop an API route, and you want to see what it’s returning as you go.

If you don’t want to run a separate app to make requests or use the browser, you can use an extension like Thunder Client. This brings a Postman-like experience into your editor, giving you the option to have code side by side with your API client.

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