How to Get Space Cadet Pinball Running on macOS

April 17, 2022

I came across this Tweet a few months ago talking about Space Cadet Pinball running natively on Linux.

I used to play this all the time as a kid, and thought it would be fun to get it running on a Mac.

There are some dependencies that need to be installed before building the executable

Dependencies: cmake, sdl2, sdl2_mixer

brew install sdl2, sdl2_mixer brew install --cask cmake

Make sure to set the OSX Architecture for cmake before attempting to build the app

export CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES=x86_64 || arm64

Steps: clone SpaceCadetPinball from GH git clone git@github.com:k4zmu2a/SpaceCadetPinball.git cd SpaceCadetPinball

Build the executable with cmake cmake . && cmake --build

clone WinXP-Pinball from GH git clone git@github.com:FmasterofU/WinXP-Pinball.git

Move files to SpaceCadetPinball repo mv WinXp-Pinball/Pinball/* bin

Remove WinXP-Pinball repo since it’s no longer needed rm -rf WinXp-Pinball

Run the executable ./bin/SpaceCadetPinball